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EMP products offer

High quality
Exacting R&D programs
Fuel economy
electronic control systems
Reduced environmental impact

Application Examples

Transit bus cooling packages
On-highway truck auxiliary engine coolers
Auxiliary transmission oil coolers
Hydraulic system coolers
Auxiliary fluid pumps and controls

Engineered Machined Products, Inc. (EMP)

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd are proud to represent EMP throughout Australasia.  EMP is North America's leading producer of pumps and complex components for use in the heavy-duty diesel engine and hydraulics markets which include over the road trucking, the transit bus industry, off-highway machinery and the military. AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd together with EMP are a specialized full service provider of manufacturing and engineering solutions, focused on delivering value-added product solutions to its' customers in the area of thermal and oil management technologies.

Headquartered in Escanaba, MI, Engineered Machined Products, Inc. (“EMP”) is a privately held engineering and manufacturing leader in thermal and oil management systems. EMP’s products consist of complex, highly machined precision metal components and include mechanical water and oil pumps, hydraulic motor housings, and a variety of advanced electronic components including electric water pumps, electric fans, complete cooling system assemblies and thermal systems, oil management systems, high output 450amp brushless alternators and electric oil pumps.

EMP’s products meet each customer’s exact specifications. The Company offers a full range of engineering support to customers from design to manufacturing. EMP’s products contribute significantly to improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and improving safety.

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd will work with Australian vehical and machinery manufacturers to ensure the correct products are applied to any given equipment and application. We do not take short cuts and maintain our do it once and do it right philosophy. The result of our exacting standards is peak equipment efficiency by way of maximizing power usage and increasing fuel economy while always looking out to protect our environment.

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