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ISOFLEX Mounts offer

360º thrust block technology
Horizontal, lateral & thrust control
Ease of installation & adjustment
Resistance to oils, fuels & water
Fail safe and rebuildable design

ISOFLEX Couplings offer

Driveline vibration isolation
Sacrificial link
Thrust acceptance
Extends bearing & seal life
Smoother directional changes

IsoFlex Anti Vibration Mounts and Couplings

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd proudly represent IsoFlex products throughout Australia. IsoFlex is a world class vibration control business based in Coomera on Queenslands Gold Coast. IsoFlex products are used extensively in both Marine and Industrial applications throughout Australasia and the world.

IsoFlex New Generation engine & machinery mounts can Isolate over 90% of engine vibration throughout the entire engine rev range. They Control driveline misalignment by being 50-100% stiffer in lateral and thrust directions and are designed to handle thrust and seaway induced misalignments. They are long lasting and resistant to fuel, oil and water. They generally will not harden and become brittle which reduces the hassle of regular maintenance change outs. They have a failsafe construction and our mounts can even cope with complete knock down or inversion and will not let an engine break loose.  The IsoFlex New Generation engine & machinery mounts offer an economical solution by way of being less expensive than original mounts and by  being rebuildable which offers much longer life than most competitors.

IsoFlex Flexible Drive Couplings isolate drive line vibration, propeller pulse, and gear chatter. They help alleviate drive line misalignment which prevents binding of the drive bearings.  They assist engine mounts to do their job by flexing with engine movement to isolate vibration. They offer a sacrificial link by way of being designed to fail before gearbox damage occurs.

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd and IsoFlex have a combined experience of over 65 years in this field.

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AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd.