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KIWI Shaft Seal offers

NO maintenance
Ease of installation
Minimum propeller shaft wear
Compact length that can be adjusted

Used by

Commercial ferries
Sportsfishing yachts and cruisers
Law enforcement
Harbour pilots
Fishing boats

The KIWI Dripless Shaft Seal Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd is an Australian distributor for the KIWI Dripless Shaft Seal. The KIWI Seal is a New Zealand made propeller shaft seal composed of a marine grade stainless steel carrier housing, a shaft riding bearing that contains friction reducing additives for longer life and reduced noise as well as a lip seal.

The KIWI Seal is designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Henleys Propellers and Marine Ltd. They have vast experience in the industry and used this experience to developed the maintenance free, easy to install KIWI shaft seal.

The KIWI shaft seal has 2 years* or 1000 hours* warranty and this product is certified by SGS M&I New Zealand a member of the SGS Group (Societe Generale de Surveillance).

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd stock the KIWI shaft seal in 1" to 4" shaft sizes in 1/4" increments.
In selecting a shaft seal the following criteria shall be considered by order of importance:

The new stainless steel KIWI Seal is lubricated by cold water (salt or fresh) through a water feed looped and vented above the waterline. The cold water fed through the seal cools the assembly and acts as lubricant for the bearing surface fitted at the end of the shaft seal carrier. It is an accepted good engineering practice to have the water feed line looped and vented above the water line.

The KIWI shaft seal must be fitted onto a stern tube that has a forward bearing that will support the shaft directly behind the seal.

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