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Henleys Propellers and Marine Ltd

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd proudly represent New Zealand based Henleys Propellers and Marine Ltd products and services throughout Australia.

Henleys Propellers and Marine Ltd has been an active leader in the Australasian boating industry since 1917. AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd together with Henleys Propellers and Marine Ltd do not cater for mass production, we specialize in Custom Built Performance Boat Propellers and Propulsion Systems to achieve the best possible result on vessels ranging from 15' to 150'. Our custom built marine propellers and propulsion systems are designed for optimum performance that relates to maximum speed and fuel economy, smoothness, and low noise. 

Our services extend from initial application selection, component design, manufacturing, supply and commissioning services.

Our components include Propellers, Propeller Shafts, Half Couplings / Companion Flanges, Rudder Ports, Stainless Steel or Bronze Rudders, Easyflo Stern Tube Assemblies and KIWI Dripless Shaft Seals.

Marine Propellers manufactured by Henleys are designed and built in conformity with ISO 484/2 Class 2, 1 or S pitching standards. The Electronic Propeller Scanning equipment that Henleys use in its production process, allows the company to provide its customers with reports on the quality of their propeller to a set standard. This gives Henleys a distinctive advantage over others, as the company is able to control the design, manufacture and the after care of each propeller that is produced.

Marine Propellers manufactured by Henleys enjoy a Worldwide network support as the company is involved with a network of propeller technicians operating similar equipment. Using the propellers original build data, form and function can be forwarded to these technicians, who can then extend the Henleys care you deserve.

Henleys Propellers also supply the Flex-O-Fold range of folding sailboat propeller. The Flex-O-Fold sail boat propeller is the most efficient, lowest drag propeller you can buy. This claim is based on independent tech conducted over the past several years.

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd offer a one stop source for your entire propulsion system requirements.



AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd.