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OILMATE offers

4000 hours between oil changes
1000 hours between filter changes
Drastically reduces downtime
Eliminates costly oil disposal

Application Examples

Transit bus & trucks
Agricultural machinery
Marine engines
Power generation sets
Military equipment

Oil Mate™

Make your next oil change your last
Oil Mate™ is an advanced oil management system for diesel engines that significantly extends oil change intervals and filter life in order to decrease downtime and lengthen an engine's life span. It is an automatic oil exchange system for any diesel engine - it changes oil while the engine is running!
How does Oil Mate™ system work ?  The Oil Mate™ system removes a small amount of used engine oil and blends it with diesel fuel to be burned during combustion. The used oil is then replaced with an equal amount of fresh oil from a make-up tank, extending oil and filter use. Oil Mate™ outperforms every competitor on the market and operates within emissions guidelines. Should the user not wish to dispose of the waste oil via fuel combustion, an additional catchment tank can be supplied to retain the used oil for traditional disposal methods.

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Advantages of the Oil Mate™ system include -

The Oil Mate™ system offers -

Please Note –
The Oil Mate™ system is a continuous oil change system. It is not a makeup system and will not make up or account for oil that the engine is burning or losing to the environment by way of leaks etc.

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