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At AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd we have over 25 years experience in technical services associated with the engineered products field.  Our experience has been gained working not only in Australasia but also from 5 years based in the USA where we were exposed to the huge North American market.
Diversity is a fundamental goal at AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd. Our technical experience is varied from recreational and commercial marine propulsion systems, off-highway emergency vehicle drive and control systems, agricultural pumping and power generation packages to mining and oil and gas production equipment including mobile power generation.
As a result of our varied experience we offer the following technical services to Australasian industry.

Please feel free to contact us at AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd regarding our services. We are available 24/7 via the contact details shown on our contacts page.

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd.