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DOEN Waterjets offer

Australian design and manufacturing
Realistic & accurate lead-times
Readily available spare parts
Ease of installation
Accurate application selection processes

Application Examples

Commercial ferries
Commercial fishing boats
Commercial landing craft
Military and law enforcement
Recreational fast craft

DOEN Waterjet Propulsion Systems

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd is an authorized dealer for DOEN Waterjet Propulsion Systems. The DOEN Waterjet is proudly designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia by DOEN Pacific Pty Ltd.

DOEN Pacific Pty Ltd has over 35 years of commercial operational, design and manufacturing experience. This in conjunction with ongoing Research and Development Programs ensures that our current range of waterjet models offer outstanding performance and reliability. All models are built to meet the exacting standards of the marine classification societies.

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd staff have over 25 years experience in marine propulsion system application selection and technical service. Our experience combined with DOEN Pacific’s expertise in waterjet propulsion application and installation, ensures correct selection and matching of the DOEN waterjets to marine engine combinations from 100 kW to over 3000 kW (120hp to over 4000hp). We do things right the first time.

DOEN waterjets are currently in operation in many countries throughout the world having gained a worldwide reputation for reliability, simplicity, performance, service and support.

AUSTRALIS Marine & Industrial Pty Ltd are proud to be associated with a truly world class Australian designed and manufactured product.

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